Letter to participants

At Simbiose we only offer actions that we believe in and that offer opportunities for non-formal education, a healthy and alternative committed leisure, and that also encourage social cohesion. Therefore, all the participation opportunities that we offer are carefully developed so, while responding to a social and/or environmental needs, the people who participate will experience in a satisfactory way.

To work in the best way possible, our only requirements to the people who decide to participate are the commitment, motivation, enthusiasm and seriousness with these actions of solidarity. We believe these attitudes are essential to guarantee the proper development of the activities, our safety and the safety of all the people involved; and to offer an enriching experience that promotes social change.


Anyone who wants to register in our actions can do it through our website [www.asociacionsimbiose.org] inside our calendar section. You can follow 3 easy steps in our section  how to participate.

The participants will only be registered if after the registration they receive an email confirming the subscription to the activity. All registrations are individual (except parents/ legal guardians who participate with children under 16 years). This does not mean that several friends can not register, but it means that they must register individually and never show up at the activity by surprise, because the actions are designed for a maximum number of people to guarantee their good development and the safety of all the people involved.

If you need to cancel participation in any activity, you must do it by sending an email to participacion@asociacionsimbiose.org.  It is very important to do so, since canceling gives the opportunity to other people to participate. In case the cancellation is on the same day of the activity, the referent person should be informed as soon as possible. Not informing involves decreasing the expected participation to perform the activity correctly, so it is very important to communicate it.



The participants must arrive on time to the activities and remain there throughout the duration of it. Once finished, they should remain during storage and cleaning times, if necessary.

All the activities of Simbiose have a collective nature, so that the participants are never supposed to remain alone with a beneficiary person during any activity, unless the associated entity and Simbiose authorize it.

Participants must respect the confidentiality that a project or action may require; For this reason, Simbiose may request the participants to sign a confidentiality agreement.

At Simbiose we ask people who sign up for activities that always keep in mind the values ​​and principles of the entity, that give the best of themselves in the activities, and that follow the instructions given by the representative of Simbiose in that activity and the associated entity.

Participants must not make any kind of discriminatory comment (homophobic, racist, xenophobic, capacitist, etc.) during the course of an activity, or act of violence (physically, verbally or psychologically) or hurtful towards anyone involved directly or indirectly in the activity.



Simbiose reserves the right of admission or expulsion in any of the actions carried out in order to safeguard the good development of the action, the participants and the entity with which it collaborates. Some of the reasons why we can reject a candidate or expel someone from an action are:

  • Continuous delays or early departures without any justification.
  • Not attending informative meetings or training in activities that require it.
  • Repeated absences from activities without prior cancellation or repeatedly canceling in a hasty manner without justification.
  • Fail to comply with the confidentiality of the actions, persons who participate in them, persons of the entities themselves and private documents of the same.
  • Any violent behavior, inappropriate or that goes against our principles and values.
  • Discriminatory comments, violence or hurtful attitude to others.



If a person participating in our actions has any kind of question, comment, problem with another participant, suggestion, etc., he/she should immediately inform the person representing Simbiose in the activity.
In the case of not wanting to communicate it to that person, you should contact the Simbiose team as soon as possible to try to solve the situation as soon as possible.