What is Simbiose?

Our first line of work is called PARTICIPATE. What is it? We offer attractive and variated actions that have always 4 basic characteristics:


This is an innovative format of participation in the territory, coresponsible, that focus mainly in the local citizens and youth participation. And above all, create alternatives that will be complementary to the convencional volunteer models.


The idea takes off from a project called Cooperación Expandida, and also from the previous inspiration of other similar networks and organizations that exist in other countries such as Empower Nantes, Hands On Amsterdam, etc.

Through this format of participation, Simbiose wants to promote new ways of community learning experiences and to strength participation in the local context, creating links between the civil population and the third sector in our city.

In short, we want that participate becomes almost, almost irresistible. Through this project of Simbiose, the activities always have the next characteristics:
  • Last a maximum of 4 hours (normally 2h and a half).
  • They are collective, so you will be never alone carrying out the activities. The majority of the activities can be done in family or with friends.
  • The actions are individual and specific, every activity is independent of the rest. Your compromise with Simbiose finish when the action is finished, although you always will able to return if you want.
  • They are accessible, in other words, there’s no special requirements and prior training is not needed. They are designed to be easy, so everybody can carry them out.
  • They just belong to social and environmental issues.
Some examples of activities that are already made:
  • Organizing books to send to a Senegal school.
  • Help dismantling the event “Acampa pola paz”.
  • Help organizing an event about Afroawareness
  • Collect plastic in a beach to recover and reuse, etc.