How do we cooperate with the entities?

Firstly, we have a meeting to know each other and share our values and needs, what provides the foundation of every collaboration.

Why collaboration is interesting? Because the entities gain in visibility, optimize their resources and complement pre-existing actions with puntual support. Of course, without generating more work to our mates, not creating further needs or replace any volunteer or worker of the entity.

Then, we both design the first action (date, participants number, aims…) to try always to comply  the format that Simbiose follows: accessible, short, collective and one-time.

The idea is to be able to support existing actions or design new actions to be useful!

We are in charge of the recruitment of the participants, the hosting and the right development of each activity.

After the first actions and adjustments, if both parts are satisfied, the next step is sign an agreement to make the collaboration stronger and to monitor the following activities that allow adapting to  changing needs.

Do we collaborate...or do you want to know more?

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