What is Simbiose?

Simbiose is the alternative platform for local participation.

A lot of people would like to give a hand in the city, but for different reasons, they have never achieved it. In Simbiose we are working to democratize the participation and we provide the access to people who want to spend part of their free time to common causes.

Through our raising awareness and recruitment projects, we try to move closer social population normally not involved, to local entities. How? removing the main obstacles for participation, as lack of time, information, training, and engagement difficulties…or shyness.

Which is our recipe? With creativity, we flip over the conventional volunteering models, and we garnish everything with fun!

Simbiose is a powerful tool of  non formal education, and an alternative way of healthy and engaged leisure option, but also a way to promote social cohesion.


In Simbiose, we tackle three core ideas:

  • Axis 1 – Democratize local participation through boosting and promoting the civilian population in actions related to social or environmental issues. Reduce the existent barriers to participate in non-profit local activities, creating adapted options for everyone to be part of it.
  • Axis 2 – Raise awareness among social sectors traditionally not related to the reality of minoritised groups, at risk of social exclusion or in situation of social exclusion (such as migrants, refugees, ethnic minorities, people with functional diversity, etc). Giving voice to the needs of the minoritised voices and creating new spaces for it, as well as promoting researching and other publications about it.
  • Axis 3 –  Make a contribution to improve the networks between social/environmental organisations in our area of influence. Enhance the daily work of the organizations that support the minoritized groups, at risk of social exclusion or in situation of social exclusion.


Our main values are:


We are a team of people that work together trying to promote social changes, always with thrill at each step in our way.


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