Simbiose believes that volunteering is the most powerful non-formal education tool aiming social transformation.Our priority is to ensure that the right to participate is everybody’s right, regardless of their ethnic, color, sex, gender, language, religion, nationality, ability, economic position or any other condition. Breaking the help-helped dichotomy is something also really important for us. Because we need your support, we make it very easy for you to help!

Become a partner!

Becoming #SuperSimbiosiño gives you great superpowers and, as we all know, power carries great responsibilities. The responsibility of being aware that thanks to you we can work every day, always betting on a fun, fresh, innovative, transformative and accessible free time alternatives for everyone.


Remember that we are a team 100% made up by volunteers, and your support makes us continue with this project, with all our effort and enthusiasm.


Choose how much, when and how to become a member through the following link: BECOME A MEMBER OF SIMBIOSE.


We count on you!

Become superMaría, superJaime, superLola … be part of the #SuperSimbiose family and you will help making this project come true:


  • With 12 euros a year: you’ll pay for the volunteer insurance for your favorite action all year!
  • With 5 euros per month: you will make possible to buy the necessary materials for “levas-tela”, the classification and redistribution of donated clothing throughout the year!
  • With 10 euros a month: you will get people with financial difficulties to participate in equality during our activities.


Simbiose would love growing some more, to be able to offer you new actions, interesting and exciting, and make them accessible and fun for more and more people.


Thanks to the trust you have already given us, we have managed to support ten organizations in the city. The life of this project makes each contribution essential: one euro or one hundred euros! We are looking for people like you, curious, who, like us, value local participation.


Donating is also a way of doing “symbiosis”: With the money, we pay volunteer insurance, transportation of volunteers to the actions and materials to carry out the activities. And of course, we do our part: working with lots of love, effort and dedication, because we are a 100% volunteer team!

We make even easier for you: You can make donations occasionally by transfer or by deposit to our bank account number: ES20 2100 2323 9802 0038 1466

We count on you!

Thank you for trusting Simbiose




ESS20 2100 2323 9802 0038 1466

Holder Simbiose Association. / CAIXA BANK account

Other ways to collaborate

As we are a non-profit association, all our activities depend on solidarity contributions. Therefore, all help is welcome no matter how small.

If you consider yourself one of these people you can join the support of our association by becoming “teamer” for only € 1 per month. The more people who are part of our group, the more actions we can take!

Click on the following link and you can join our group of collaborators. Do not worry, Teaming is a recognized and totally secure platform.

Are you or want to be a co-responsible company? Well, you can be supporting our association! For us all help is essential so do not hesitate to contact us through organizacions@asociacionsimbiose.orgHere’s how you can help:

Donation: You can make a timely or monthly donation in our bank account with the amount you may consider appropriate. Every little helps!

ESS20 2100 2323 9802 0038 1466

Joint Payroll: is a system that consists of rounding the payrolls until reaching a whole number. You can round the payroll of those workers who want to collaborate in 1 euro, 2 or those that you consider more appropriate. A very simple system that can make a big difference!

We still do not have campaigns available. We hope to surprise you briefly with some of our innovative campaigns!