As they say each little drop counts, so each small contribution is a reason for celebration for our association. Why? Because it means that we can continue with our work one more day.

Why do we need your support? To carry out the daily activities of the association, such as:

  • Accident insurance for each participant.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Purchase materials.
  • Management expenses of the actions.
  • Transport to go to the activities.

If you want to support us in our goals you can do it through different ways, you will surely find the most suitable one for you!

1€ per month

As we are a non-profit association, all our activities depend on solidarity contributions. Therefore, all help is welcome no matter how small.

If you consider yourself one of these people you can join the support of our association by becoming “teamer” for only € 1 per month. The more people who are part of our group, the more actions we can take!

Click on the following link and you can join our group of collaborators. Do not worry, Teaming is a recognized and totally secure platform.

Co-responsible companies

Are you or want to be a co-responsible company? Well, you can be supporting our association! For us all help is essential so do not hesitate to contact us through organizacions@asociacionsimbiose.orgHere’s how you can help:

Donation: You can make a timely or monthly donation in our bank account with the amount you may consider appropriate. Every little helps!

ES77 1491 0001 2330 0011 7732

Joint Payroll: is a system that consists of rounding the payrolls until reaching a whole number. You can round the payroll of those workers who want to collaborate in 1 euro, 2 or those that you consider more appropriate. A very simple system that can make a big difference!

Other ways to collaborate

For us, every little help is essential so that our project can have continuity, so if you prefer to make a donation, however small, for us it will be a celebration!

You can do it by making a bank transfer or deposit in our bank account: ES77 1491 0001 2330 0011 7732

We are enabling this section so you can associate if you feel like it. In brief you will have news about how to become a member!

We still do not have campaigns available. We hope to surprise you briefly with some of our innovative campaigns!