Project The Paroleo

Our second project is called “The Paroleo”. It is an online space that aims to give visibility to all those initiatives of social, environmental, activist or entrepreneurial nature led or supported by young people, in a space where there is practically no presence of them.

To do this, we use the podcast and video content in a playful and accessible format that allows us to inspire young people to build a fairer world! 

  • Entrevista con Roig de "Os Biosbardos"
    Entrevista con Roig de "Os Biosbardos"

We intend to invite to this space people with new ideas and different life experiences, which allow to share the fundamental labor of that innovative, responsible and committed youth.

We also have the short section The Paroleo Mini, where we go out on the street to continue learning about life experiences of solidarity and organisations of interest that are looking for people like you, to support them.

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And, if you belong to any of these proyects, or simply have something to tell us, don’t hesitate to contact us to PAROLEAR WITH US!