How to take part

1. With the help of the Calendar you can see our next actions. Use the filters to choose the activities depending of your preferences.
2. Depending of your availability, you can choose any action between 1 and 4 hours long. You will see that all the actions are collective, so you can come alone or with someone else.
3. If you see any action that you like, click in “Sign up to the event” and fill a short application form. Remember that enrolling doesn’t mean any commitment further than the specific action you have registered to.
4. You will receive a message with the details related to the activity soon.


We are wating for you!
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What is Simbiose?

An alternative platform for participation, complementary to conventional volunteering. We aim to democratize participation by offering fun, simple, and innovative actions where you can help out in your spare time. Everyone can do it!

It’s like open windows towards the social/environmental organization of the city where you live so that you can get to know them while having a good time: without commitment! Which is our recipe? Find out by joining one of the actions we prepare for you.

Why are we called Simbiose?

Simbiose in biology means “living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism or parasitism”. If you have a look to our logo, it represents the close relationship between an anemone and a clown fish.

For this reason, this platform tries to develop supportive relationships between the civil society  and/or entities of the city.

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